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TriStar Rowing offers adult (Masters) programs for rowers of all athletic backgrounds, for ages 18 and up. Members come to row or to use our training center to achieve their fitness goals of weight loss, strength and cardio training, or just a desire to meet new friends. We offer a variety of beginner, recreational and competitive programs to match skill level and competitive interest. No prior athletic experience is necessary. We welcome you! All our programs take place on the beautiful Little River or at our Interim Hillside Drive gym location (just minutes from our property on the water!)  Stay tuned for dedicated Adult Learn-To-Row class opportunities in the near future.

TriStar Rowing is a comprehensive program that provides training in both sweep and sculling techniques.  As you gain proficiency in rowing, you will establish bonds of friendship with your teammates. Sign up with friends, or meet people from every walk of life, as you learn to handle multiple types of boats, spanning the entire range from singles to 8-person shells. Our adult members enjoy month-to-month memberships, a variety of water and land-based classes, and camaraderie with other members.  In addition, members have access to our Gym with state-of-the-art equipment, nutrition counseling and professional coaches that will support your fitness objectives every time you walk in the door.

For interested athletes, our Masters train for competitions around the Southeast region in local regattas in Oak Ridge (TN), Chattanooga (TN), Augusta (GA), Gainesville (GA), and Nashville (TN), and beyond. TriStar will organize and handle regatta entries and logistics. Crew members cover race fees, as competitions are not included in the program fees.

TriStar offers a unique year-round training experience. Our adult on-the-water season runs year-round, depending on weather conditions.  Water sessions typically run about 90 minutes on Sat starting at 9 am.  Safety is our highest priority.  In the event of inclement weather, practice can potentially be rescheduled for a different weekend time or we will head indoors to the gym. 


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