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  • $40/one hour

  • $60/one-and-a-half hours

  • $80/two hours


The cost is per athlete.  If two or more athletes want a mutual private lesson (like in a pair or double), each athlete will pay the full hourly rate.

Purchasing a private lesson session can be done so directly through a rower's (or parent's) iCrew account.  Visit the TSR iCrew Store (via the Club Home page) to make your private lesson purchase.

How does a private session work?

  1. Contact the TriStar Rowing coach that you would like to provide you or your rower's additional training.  Coach Katie can help you with the appropriate coach to fit your rowing needs.

  2. Once you have secured a coach for your private training, initiate your session payment on iCrew.

  3. Your coach will then create a "Private lesson" session for you on iCrew.  This session will appear on your (or your rower's) Attendance page on iCrew for your confirmation of the session's date and time.

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