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Setting attendance on

Sharing your availability for practice and regattas with your coach is important. 

Boat lineups are at the heart of planning an efficiently run, purposeful practice.  Sharing your attendance with your coach allows him or her to build boat lineups that support the daily needs of not only you but all of the members of the boat you are rowing in.  The usefulness of the iCrew attendance tool allows coaches to develop effective practice and regatta plans and also helps to promote team accountability.

How do I enter my attendance?

Follow these steps to report your attendance in iCrew:

  1. Log in to iCrew ( with your user ID and password.

  2. Select "My Attendance Plans" from your iCrew menu.  You can access the dropdown menu by clicking the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner of your device or use the side menu on your computer.

  3. Toggle all events posted, both regattas and practice sessions to "Yes" or "No" to indicate your attendance plans.

Vacation planned?  Upcoming trip to the dentist during practice time? 

No problem!  Your iCrew menu has an additional page, "My Dates Away", that allow you to enter a single day or time period for any planned absences to indicate your attendance for yet-to-be-posted regattas and practice sessions. 

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