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How do I use iCrew to make payments?

iCrew's team management system includes the ability to pay monthly club dues, regatta fees, and any other charges that might occur with TriStar's rowing seasons.  TriStar and iCrew use the payment platform PaySimple to complete online transactions.


FOR MONTHLY DUES - Once your initial payment is made, all subsequent monthly dues payments are made automatically on the first day of each month from your original payment source (credit card or ACH/bank drafting).  Initiating first-time club dues payments on iCrew should be done so on/after the 2nd day of the month to avoid being charged multiple times for the same month.


Please contact the TriStar team treasurer before making any revisions to your payment structure to avoid any unnecessary overcharge.   Any changes to your payment method for monthly fees must be made by the 25th of the month prior to the upcoming month set to be charged

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