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How do I initiate my club dues payments through my personal iCrew account?

For rowers establishing their own payment cycle via their personal iCrew account, follow these steps to make payments in iCrew:

  • Log in to iCrew (

  • Select "Payments" from your iCrew menu.  You can access the dropdown menu by clicking the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner of your device or use the side menu on your computer.

  • On this page, you will see both paid and unpaid items.  Confirm the amount to be paid under any Fee Item dropdown menu, as multi-rower families may have approved discount amounts.  Click the "Pay now..." button.  If you do not see a monthly club dues option, like in the image below, please contact the TSR treasurer before proceeding. 

Clicking "Pay now..." will take you to the Fee Payment page.  Here you will provide your financial information to initiate the first of your automated, monthly club dues payments.

  • Enter your bank account information to setup ACH/draft charges (at no surcharge) OR

  • Check the "Pay with a credit card" box to enter your card information (red arrow on picture below).  There is a 3% surcharge for all credit/debit card transactions made.

  • Click the blue Make Payment button.

  • That's it!  You are now set up for monthly dues payments to automatically occur on the first day of each month. 

In order to change your reoccurring payment method, contact to make the revision.

Do not initiate a change yourself.  An additional charge could occur!

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