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Starting the summer of 2021, TriStar rowing is moving much of its administrative record-keeping to a management software system designed specifically for rowing organizations.  This platform is called 

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With iCrew, TriStar will be able to better track rower information, including attendance for practices and regattas, equipment inventory and condition, financial transactions such as monthly dues, and many other features that will allow all TriStar Rowing family members to spend our energy on what we love - the sport of rowing.

Use the links below to learn more about connecting to TriStar through iCrew.


Start here with guidance on creating an iCrew rower account and accounts for parents of our youth rowers.


Creating boat lineups takes time. 

Completing them in a timely manner makes for more efficiently run on-water sessions.


Payment of TSR monthly dues and regatta fees are now submitted and tracked using this system.


Inventory of our shells, oars, and additional on-water gear, along with our gym equipment, with be managed with iCrew.

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