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2021 North Carolina Rowing Championships

Saturday, March 20  -  High Point, NC

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Coach Katie Notes:

  • Arrival: Everyone must plan to arrive on-site at 7:00am. All athletes will report to the trailer to unload and rig boats. Parents - please do not linger around the trailer while the athletes are working. This is a great time for you to scope out a spot for the day, and/or help set up our booster tent! 

  • What to wear: TriStar Unisuit & TriStar neck gaiter OR mask. Please bring layers, it looks like it will be a chilly day! I attached a regatta packing list to this email, as well. 

  • Schedule:  The schedule with race times is expected to be released by Wednesday evening. I will send an email with event names, event times, and lineups at that time. Every athlete is racing 2-3 times!

  • At the trailer: 75 minutes prior to race time

  • Hands-on: 45 minutes prior to race time


  • Race Length

    • U15, U16, and middle school events are 1,000m

    • All other events are 1,500m

  • Launching/Recovering:

    • NO TENNIS SHOES! You must wear some type of slip-on shoe to the launching area (i.e. crocs, slides etc.)

    • We will need help carrying oars throughout the day. Only 2 oar carriers per boat launching. Please remember to be quick on the dock—if you are carrying oars, place the oars on the dock and then get off the dock. Do not linger.  

    • Rowers: it is very likely that we will not have your shoes for you when you finish the race. You will be walking in your socks. Please plan accordingly, and bring extra socks. You can find your shoes back at the trailer.

  • General Rules:

    • Hold yourself and your teammates to a high standard. Remember that you are representing TriStar as a whole. Please refrain from horseplay and/or wandering off. When you are not racing you should be helping other boats with oars/shoes or relaxing and off your feet as much as possible. Time between races should be spent helping, re-fueling, and resting.

    • No one leaves the regatta until the trailer is loaded and ready to pull out. We will be de-rigging and loading throughout the day to expedite this process at the end of the day!

Booster Notes:

  • Please reference the Regatta Packing Checklist for suggested items to bring to High Point.

  • Parking at Oak Hollow Lake is in the grass.  Plan for vehicle maneuvering off of paved roads.  There is a $5 charge to park, so bring cash.

  • Masks to be worn by all spectators, rowers, and volunteers while onshore (participants may remove these once having launched from the dock)

  • All live results will be posted online - this will ensure no gatherings at the venue to see results.

  • Each team will be allocated its own portajohns

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